Flutevisions is a musical ministry with a universal concept in which the center-point is music.

Flutevisions is a musical ministry with a universal concept in which the center-point is music. The purpose of the ministry is to nurture the hearts and souls of the listening audience and to educate on the importance of clean air and water in respect to 'Mother Earth'.

Every one of us is a flute waiting for Life's precious gift of clean air to fill our lungs, to feed our brain cells, give us life in abundance and keep our hearts pumping with the flow of blood through our bodies.

Using music and nature-cinematography, Flutevisions is designed to awaken the listener by creating an atmosphere that will allow the audience to visualize the importance of ones connection to every living creature on the planet. I want to share my vision and bring the listener closer to the idea and importance of saving the planet.

I have learned throughout my life that music can vibrate the unseen core of the human soul. I believe in the arts, all of them. Flutevisions is an art form that will piece together the lost art of love for oneself and bring about the human sympathy for mankind and the planet.

Remember - the planet has a life of its own. If you take care of it, it will take care of you.


Arch Thompson - flutist, composer/arranger and performer

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Arch Thompson is a gifted flutist, composer/arranger and performer who uphold a rich and diverse musical tradition that extends from the shores of the Caribbean Islands and on to North, Central and South America.

A serious student of music since the age of twelve, Arch attended Manual Arts High School in Los Angeles where he gained recognition for his creative and innovative style on the U. S. Army Band. He performed and toured internationally and studied at the U.S. Army Conservatory of Music. In the following years, he studied with Cheryl Grand, a former member of the Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Legendary Bill Green. He has toured extensively throughout the West Coast as a soloist. He later moved to Puerto Rico in order to fulfill his desire to master Contemporary Latin Jazz where he quickly became one of the featured Jazz flutist in the country and played with such notables as Dave Valentin, Jerry Gonzalez, Frank Lacy, Stefon Harris and Steve Turre.

While in New York, Arch studied intensely with Harold Jones, a premiere flute instructor with the Manhatten School of Music and Arch continued to focus on his professional growth. While studying and performing in New York, he began to synthesize his unique musical style, which blends classical, jazz, funk and Latin into a sensational sound that moves from the tranquil and beautiful to a driving, pulsing, rhythmic fire that will have you dancing and singing to the captivating call of the Flute.

Arch believes that the Creator has provided him with a divine gift through which he can transform and heal all those individuals whom his music reaches. In his hands, the flute becomes an enchanting and magical instrument that purifies the mind and uplifts the spirit and is an experience that none should miss.

Sabroso Latin Jazz Ensemble - Black Orpheus


A sideman is a professional musician who is hired to perform or record with a group of which he or she is not a regular member. They often tour with solo acts as well as bands and jazz ensembles.[1] Sidemen are generally required to be adaptable to many different styles of music, and so able to fit smoothly into the group in which they are currently playing.[2] Often aspiring musicians start out as sidemen, and then move on to develop their own sound, a name, and fans of their own, or go on to form their own groups. Wikipedia.

Music featuring Arch.

EC3 - Morning

EC3 - Fotografia


John G. Lewis: electrokoustic - Irrational Exuberance

John G. Lewis: electrokoustic - Sugar



Arch has performed with the Latin Jazz All Stars, Visions of Jazz, Flute Visions, the TNT Jazz Duo, Cachaca, Sabroso, the ElectroKoustic Band, EC3 & Friends, and other groups within and outside of the DC area.

In the DC area, Arch has performed at Blues Alley, Twins Jazz, Takoma Station Tavern and numerous other venues.

Included here are photo out-takes from various performances over the years. Some musicians shown with Arch, are John Lewis, Roberto Tyson, Tony Harrod, Sharon Thomas and others.